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DirTy Deviant ? :)

1.Name KaE

2.Age 16

3. Favorite Singer I have many, a few of them are : Jessica Simpson, Mizzy Elliot, Tupac, Mario Winans, Monica, LiL Flip, USher, nd more...

4. Favorite sexual fantasy Hmm an orgy Has to involve cuffs, whip cream, strawberries, and chocolate syrup...all the better to lick off :) Id have to be in charge ^.^

5. What are your views on:
Absolutely! Wat better way then the original 69.... but it never hurts to have a lil "fun" tryin various techniques while yer at it

anal: For some reason when i think about anal... i think ... constipation. Wat about you guys? how does it feel wen sum1z fuckin yer ass? i think id rather take it in the pussy.

oral sex: I think oral sex is fine. Its a creative and different approach to PLEASURE ^^ and man do you HAVE to have pleasure

6. Say something random DIRTY!

7. Why are you a dirrty deviant Im a chick with a guys mind... well the sex and dirty perverted part of a guys mind. Im a horny bastard sum days and KinKy KaEz da nickname :) i cant hlp but rub off on ppl and make them a lil more dirty minded like me ^^

8. tell us something interesting about you Well nikname is KinKy Kae, the sex mind of a guy, and hmmm interestin.... i unno depends on wat you find interestin about a person so ask away .. i dont bite :) i nibble hehe


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