sardonicoutlook (sardonicoutlook) wrote in dirrty_deviants,

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I want some pussy. Gawd am I horny.

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I didnt know you were bi...hmmm...

me to!
Are you implying that you want my body?
Weel, not quite...I just didn't know that you were bi, and I thought it was cool that I found out that someone I know(even though they may not like me) was also under the same sexual oreintation.
It's not a big thing being bi. Maybe I just attract gay people, because I'm weird. Yes, that is it. Here I am talking to myself.

To be honest, I was suprised that you left a comment to me that wasn't all ... "Bitch! Whore!" That takes some courage. I'd rather not continue all of that trash and so I'm sorry for anything I've said to you that was mean. Hopefully you won't continue hating me.
I was worried that you would do, well, what I did on percbabi, and be all "fuck you, it's none of your goddamn buissness! Whore!"

But ya, i'm also sorry for every mean thing that I have ever said...I was jealous. But ya, I'm sorry.
Get an AIM s/n... or I guess try to get on and tell me what it is. (If you want...)