Stephanie (xxxcherrypiexxx) wrote in dirrty_deviants,


1.Name Stephanie

2.Age 18

3. Favorite Singer Christina Aguilera all the fucking way!

4. Favorite sexual fantasy A 3 way with Xtina and Steven Tyler in a penthouse suite!

5. What are your views on: 69, anal, and oral sex
69~ya i do it, it feels good, but honestly...taking turns is better for the fact I can "perform" better when I can focus on getting him off...thats hard to do when hes getting me off at the same time.
Anal~def not for me. why use the back door when u got  a front door? I also heard tons of horror stories so im not interested in it
oral~love a pro at giving it...and oh baby i love getting it (sometimes more then sex hehe)

6. Say something random DIRRTY

7. Why are you a dirrty deviant Cause like the dirrty girl herself, xtina, I am an extremley sexual person, and it shows on how I act,dress,and just live life.

8. tell us something interesting about you~ I am exremley well rounded. While I appear to be the sex driven party girl, I have a really warm heart, and a soft spot for animals especially. I love helpin out the local animal shelters anyway I can..and I own a whale haha.....and I am also a singer..and if I make it big someday I plan to donate to tons of fondations...esp "save the wild life" type ones...they are my passion

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