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2.Age~14 >.<

3. Favorite Singer~ i have two tho...! xtina n amylee

4. Favorite sexual fantasy~give me handufs, a bed, a hot chic and a hot dick, i a few whips... there i have succeeded

5. What are your views on: 69, anal, and oral sex: oral! my favorite i love giving and getting head from and to both genders, never doone anal buut i somewhat want to, and i havent done 69 either its seems a bit complicated but im so down to give it a try

6. Say something random~fuck me now i own you... lol those were my words while loosing my virginity

7. Why are you a dirrty deviant~aheh... look at the rest of my answers and goddamn i wish i had my new pics developed! you guys would LOVE em... grrrrr! but no, i want to be a porn star so fuckin bd when i grow up, i used to want to be a stripper but i dont think that i would wana get raped by some old fat fuck wow im really off subject im just guna stop now..

8. tell us something interesting about you: well i have the back of my head shaved, everyone thats bi who ive hd sex with since i shaved it is fucking in love with it bc from the back its like the feeling of a guys head :)

this is from a long ass time ago but its my only bod shot so here ill give you a more recent one when i get it
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